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Ukraine Carpathians. Hotel "Bayka"

Who at least once attended a summer camp of "Fable" in Kosovo , must come here on holiday again and again: and not himself, and with their friends, relatives and neighbors! Thanks "fable" is a fantastic world beautiful reality.
Is "Bike" paradisiacal place in the Ukrainian Carpathians unique among the blue mountains near the rapid river with many waterfalls near the spruce and healing forest. This place not only impossible to find in Hutsul'shchyna, whether in Ukraine, but in any other part of the world. Is not spoke about it enthusiastically and gifted Ukrainian writer bandurist Slobozhanshchina Khotkevych Gnat: "... As I rozzyavyv mouth of surprise, arriving in ethnographical thus with open-mouthed and walked six years.

And yet CBS and its environs is famous not only for its unique nature, or unique customs and rituals of its inhabitants. CBS - a global mecca of folk art. Here are some not separate his views, as known in other world centers, and almost all! With skillful and diligent hands of local craftsmen are Easter Eggs, carved, inlaid wood and fired clay vases, jewelry boxes, rahvy, layers, eagles, spoons, pails, berbenytsi, painted pottery, kumanets, sculptures, tiles, embroidered and woven shirts, towels, rugs and sackcloth, wool, products from beads, metal and leather ... All this is available every Saturday morning at the famous bazaar Kosiv or daily directly in Guzul masters.

"Bike" this is always the first assistant. On the basis of all conditions for the individual, family and group recreation. In the main body is 6 suites and 10 junior suites, in wooden cottages and 2 suites and junior suites, a family wooden cottage has two bedrooms and a room with a fireplace. Each room has modern furniture with natural wood, color TV, refrigerator, telephone, full bath.

At the base is a wooden gazebo, health complex with sauna and swimming pool, tennis court, billiards, a pond for fishing enthusiasts.

"Fable" has all the necessary facilities for conferences, seminars, avtotreninhiv. In particular there is a conference hall, modern logistics, Internet connection. Provided unique opportunities for youth parties, celebration of family, professional and corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, folk concerts take place regularly and to find extremely interesting gutsulskimi customs and rituals of Christmas, Easter, St. Ivanovo, Tartu and other religious holidays.

gutsulskih Carpathians, and - in the summer swimming in the river Rybnitsa frothy waterfalls, winter - skiing and sledging (located near the base of ski slope with a rope-tow lift).

Kitchen base will satisfy the most refined gourmet execute any individual order.

Good living conditions, an interesting cultural program, delicious cuisine, the unique beauty of nature, friendly and hospitable hosts will rest in the "fable" unforgettable.

"Bayka" is always happy to meet you and accept the following address:
g.Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, 78 600, Ukraine.

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