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On a visit to Zeus. Greece,

Always wanted to visit the birthplace of the ancient Greek gods, and now my dream has come true. Last summer, my mother and sister decided to go to Greece. Well, we decided it loudly, it seems, for all of us mom's friend decided to travel agent and we had only to pay expenses and collect the bags.
I believe that my mother's friend wished us the best, when advised us to stay at the hotel Aldemar Royal Mare 5 , but in my opinion, she is she never rested. If, however, and rested, then looks at the five-star rest of us it is different. On the one hand, I can understand it, since hotels are Aldemar are among the best on the Greek island of Crete, but nevertheless it is definitely not 5 *. In general, the hotel is, of course, is good. A large green area, lots of pools, hearty cuisine and English speaking staff. Not the whole truth, but there is.

But there were many "NO", which spoils the whole picture. The first item that were displeased with everyone with whom I had not talked about it - this is the beach. Himself a beach, like anything, really very small and not enough sun beds, and the novelty of it do not shine. But the entrance to the sea, a beautiful Greek sea, just awful. Before we plunge into the warm sea, it is necessary to overcome the obstacle of large sharp slippery pitfalls. Pleasure at all, a little. The yield, however, is. If a driver's license with him, you can rent a car and go to any other beach, which abound on the island. And what about those that came to rest on a "beach - a buffet - the beach? Shorter in this hotel with a child, I certainly would not have gone.

There was a lot of different little things which in themselves seem to be anything criminal does not represent, however, in the aggregate, for example ... well, that I took with them their favorite beach towel. Those that were given here on the day, fine and very quickly get wet, and change them - the whole problem. I also got the impression that the hotel staff could not read at all. Came from the beach and hung a sign "Do Not Disturb", but the maid looked twice. Oh, and the promise of free tennis courts, we have not got, and bags had to drag themselves ... shame.

 In general, the hotel building is quite old and may be it gives it a certain charm, but it cracked the door to the room, broken air conditioners, painted, not tiled swimming pool ... It is true that the five-star here, so are the prices. If we compare with the average, then at least twice.   But the hotel is the hotel and we arrived in Greece. And so, rent a car, went to explore the island. From the sights and excursions we liked the trip to the Valley of Lassithi, during which we visited ethnic villages of Crete, see the olive groves, numerous mills, listened to the orchestra of national   tools, see the work of a potter, weaver and sedelschika, try this Greek cuisine. In general, the rest we were satisfied.

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