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Portugal. Port, port, port, porter.

Of course, someone does not agree with me, but I think Porto - the quintessence of Portugal. In contrast to Lisbon, which is in search of greatness lost some integrity, Porto clearly behaves in the same style. The same Eiffel and his partner, Theophile Seyrig accurately grasped the essence of stimpankovskuyu city long before the appearance of the steampunk. Their iron monsters rising from the ancient city walls, not only to connect the two river banks, but are crucial to its image.

Certainly, in Porto there azulezhu, ubiquitous portuguese painted clay tiles, and abandoned homes with broken windows, and landfills under the windows of houses and mazes of streets, and lovely trams, and flea markets with old magazines and records. But he has and distinguishing features.

First and foremost, I would call a bridge Luiz First. It is this "inverted Eiffel Tower is one of the most memorable attractions of Porto. Do not be misleading, my metaphor - a bridge built just is not the Eifel and Seyrig in 1886. Eiffel also built a bridge Dona Maria Pia nine years earlier.

Fleming's Hotel München-Schwabing, from 50 EUR

This design hotel is situated in the Schwabing district in Munich, just 350 meters from the subway station Dietlindenstraße. The hotel offers a hearty breakfast buffet, air-conditioned rooms and a large spa.

Guests at the München-Schwabing Fleming can use the spa facilities which include sauna, steam room and well equipped fitness room.

Brasserie and Wine Bar Hotel Fleming - an elegant restaurant serving grilled specialties and seafood dishes. In summer months, drinks and meals can be enjoyed in a traditional beer garden.

All modern guest rooms Fleming furnished with dark wooden furniture and have a flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi. Soundproof windows will ensure you a relaxing stay.

Picturesque park "English Garden" is a 15 minute walk away. The historic Marienplatz square can be reached within 8 minutes by subway.

Rooms: 167. Hotel Chain: Worldhotels.

понедельник, 18 апреля 2011 г.

Hotel in Munich, on any occasion - Oktoberfest, football, concerts, exhibitions, ISPO, Electronica, IFAT

In Munich, the season is always full of events - exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals, Oktoberfest and more. Take overnight stay in a hotel KINGs HOTEL in the heart of Munich to attend one of the major international exhibitions, ranging from ISPO and ending with Expo-Real. Our hotel predlagat you transferservis - hotel KING's chauffeur will take you to the exhibition halls of Munich and back.

Hotel in Munich, in any season: spring and summer exhibitions Opti, Inhorgenta, CBR - Caravan, Boot, Metall Europ, Gartenmesse, Handwerksmesse

Book a room with breakfast at the hotel in Munich in the heart of the city during the international exhibitions and trade fairs in Munich Trade Fair Centre. Delivery to showrooms in a minibus Mercedes Van relates to transport services hotel KING's HOTELs. From the main station to the Exhibition Centre you can reach by subway. Business hotels KING's Center *** First Class **** and are just a few steps from the main railway station. For you and your staff we will prepare a special exhibition packages.

In January you can book a room in Munich and visit the Building Fair Baumesse. Winter will be an exhibition ISPO, Opti München, Inhorgenta, Caravan, Boot, Reisemarkt, CBR ... After the exhibition, relax in a single room hotel KING's Center or nomere luxury suite Hotel First Class in Munich. For companies - exhibitors, we offer special packages.

The first spring flowers waiting for you in a hotel room in March, the International Trade Fair Metall Europ, sadovodnichestva Gartenmesse exhibition and trade fair Handwerksmesse. His stay in Munich you can combine with hunting and fishing. April will pick you up exhibitions SEMICON, ECCMID, and every three years BAUMA. In a modern and comfortable hotel you can stay in June, to transport the exhibition Transport Messe, trade fairs LASER and IFAT. Even in the hot July Exhibition Center Munich expects you with a sports exhibition ISPO. Summer in Munich is always a lot of tourists, so please book a hotel beforehand.

Munich, Germany: NeushwansteinOktoberfest in Munich - the grandest beer festival in the world. Name of the holiday is not quite corresponds to the time of the meeting. Oktoberfest begins in mid-September and lasts for 3 weeks. A festival held on the Theresienwiese in Munich. Here you will find a variety of attractions, theater, jugglers and mazes, go on a huge Ferris wheel, or with stunning speed will carry on the dizzying roller coaster. Taste Bavarian beer and cuisine, accompanied by national and modern music and dancing in pubs tents, and acquainted with the true Bavarians and representatives of all nationalities around the world. Book single or double room, suite or suite KING's Club Room at the hotel KINGs HOTELs and enjoy the holiday. From the hotel you can walk to get to the festivities. And if you love to ride in style, our driver for a fee will take you to the Oktoberfest in Jaguar and take back. Book a hotel KING's First Class Hotel in Munich , and after a bustling holiday relax and unwind in the sauna, relaxation area . During the Oktoberfest in Munich, the lack of hotels, so please book in advance.

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German. InterCityHotel München

Photo InterCityHotel MünchenThis 4-star hotel located 100 meters from the train station in Munich. The hotel offers free travel on local public transport. Guests at the InterCityHotel München offers elegant rooms and free Wi-Fi. The spacious rooms InterCityHotel München with air conditioning, satellite TV and a bathroom. Every morning the hotel InterCity München served a rich breakfast buffet. International cuisine and a wide selection of wines awaits you at the wine bar and brasserie Fleming's. InterCityHotel München is a 15-minute walk from the Marienplatz and the Theresienwiese, where the Oktoberfest. 

Key card room provides free access to the DB lounges in the building's main railway station in Munich. You will be able to direct access by metro to the exhibition center Neue Messe, and the train - Munich Airport.
Rooms: 198
Hotel network: InterCityHotels

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Outskirts of Europe. Impressions from a trip to eastern Europe

Outskirts of Europe. Impressions from a trip to Eastern Europe
The trip by train from Sofia to Pleven fascinating: this railway line, winds on the ledges of cliffs, is considered one of the most impressive in Bulgaria. 

In Eastern Europe the right to travel by train. In its hallways, worn-out and these relatives are still living that have long passed. Exacerbated by a sense of some special thin fabrics that remained common to the countries of this region for many years. Someone ironically calls the combination of these sensations "scoop." Negative if this description? In many ways, and for many - yes. And at the same time, for someone it - nostalgic.

The majority of Russian-speaking passengers, which can be found in the international train from Moscow to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia remained strong relationships with independent countries now: someone from the Soviet era lived there for permanent residence, someone after the fall of the eastern Block abroad were relatives, friends and colleagues. Someone in the former Soviet bloc spent his carefree childhood. The train everyone - has a history. Train filters of people associated with the life of Eastern Europe from tourists and casual travel, preferring mostly airplanes. He crosses the border, shows in the windows of films about the past, changing landscapes as slides in a projector, but leaves the idea that the glass is still close to the world.

Outskirts of Europe. Impressions from a trip to Eastern Europe
In the train Sofia-Moscow can meet amazing characters.

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Bulgaria. Kamienna Gora

When was the last time was in Haskovo, driving along a street, noticed the store work clothes on the shelves of which there were several models of shoes, according to the form suitable for tourism. Naturally, I stopped and went to look. It turned out that some models, it seemed to me, very suitable for trekking, bad, that those models that I liked were the wrong size, or to order (look in the catalog). Talking about shoes, gradually switched to all sorts of other topics (interesting places in Bulgaria, fishing, hunting, photos, etc.). Met and exchanged coordinates. Dimitar (chef company) was very interesting and sociable person. When I was about to leave, he looked at me with a sly look and zagovornicheskim voice: "Come on, something interesting to show you ...".

We went down on the floor below and he showed me two rooms. At the same wherever we can, on the floor and on shelves, on tables - lay the stones. Such a variety of types and forms I have seen for the first time. It was very interesting to consider a collection of comments by the owner. In another room there is equipment for stone processing and collection is waiting for their turn. Multiple photos on a theme.
It's in his office.

Tourist complex "TOURIST". Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Tourist complex "Tourist" is located in the southern city of Chernivtsi. This seven-storey modern building. Single and double location with all amenities. There are all conditions for seminars, conferences, holidays and special occasions. Qualified staff will help you book tickets for air and railway transport.

Hotel "Tourist" will greet guests and introduce Bukovyna of the ancient and rich history of our city. Hospitality staff creates a warm atmosphere for your stay here and ready to receive guests from everywhere.

Tourist complex "Tourist" offers: deluxe rooms and junior, single and double rooms (standard) single and double rooms with high comfort.

Lux Suite (from 40 USD)
Double room (from 12 USD)
Single room (from 15 USD)

Hotel Kaiser. Chernivtsi, Ukraine

In a picturesque corner of Bukovina, among ancient beech forests on the shores of crystal clear rapid river Prut, Chernivtsi city stretched old traditions, culture, trade, coffee, arts, hotels and restaurants.
Built at the intersection of trade routes, it always, since the Emperor Franz Joseph, took traders, artists, scientists, military. And a pearl, which absorbed the old Austrian tradition, combined with the national colors Bukovynian is without doubt the hotel-restaurant complex "Kaiser".
Complex "Kaiser" - located at the entrance to the old city near the railway station. With convenient location, just 5 minutes may reach the city center, Railway Station and 15 minutes at the airport and bus station. Near the hotel is located 5 minutes beach town Prut River.

Hotel Kaiser - a 3 - storey modern building, which consists of 13 comfortable one-bedroom junior suites, double rooms and 2 Suites, equipped with bathrooms, hairdryers, refrigerators, mini-bars, TVs, telephones, air conditioning and WI- FI internet connection. Rooms will surprise you with its style and design. The hotel staff will help you choose the rooms according to your wishes and requirements.

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Indonesia. One Breakfast And A Lunch In Medan

Just a short (too short ... Actually!) Visit to Medan. Arrived with a very first flight at 8 in the morning ... the sun was greeted warmly and the weather is sunny, the duck noodles bid for breakfast I had no power to reject ... And already breakfast on the plane: p 

Duck rice noodles ... ah .. The opening "guerrilla culinary" which really fits ... remember this is indeed food duck rice noodles typical Chinatown Medan, "did a lot of duck rice noodles in Jakarta or elsewhere, but the guns the same as the one in Medan, good taste and his kelejatan" described by friends work together in Medan that accompany that morning. 

понедельник, 4 апреля 2011 г.

Why to go to Baku. Azerbaijan

Instead of beginning

Took first in the eleventh year journey.

Unlike previous trips, this time in one city has been allocated nearly six full days. This new format for me to explore the area fully justified.
Despite the increased costs of accommodation, time increases to a comfortable visit to the city and its attractions. Do not have anywhere to run early in the morning, afraid that something will not have time. No hassles. Came, stayed, slept, and then go out into the city to breathe his air.