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Travel to German land. Wernigerode

Three-hour journey from Berlin behind and now covered with legends Garntsa foothills and a small Saxon town of Wernigerode. It is tempting to ride on the castle hill on an old sostavchike that puffing and blowing the smoke pulls a vsamdelishny locomotive. And the castle itself and the views of the valley in which lies the town - say, too memorable spectacle. And yet - how is it that the unofficial symbol of Wernigerode is not something from zde these beauties, but ... Common geranium. All this is to learn.

Almost immediately upon arrival, a long-awaited steam engine, wrapped themselves in smoke disappeared on the night in custody. Well - is to take a taxi and repeat it the same way to the castle mound, as it turned out to ponder especially busy. The taxi driver turned out to be clever, driving fast, but culturally. And even spoke a little from England, and even going to go on fusbal at Euro 2012 to us for the Ukraine.

However, the castle and a little bit about it. They say that the fortress from which actually increased the current castle, Count Adalbert began to build in the early XII century. Over the past century it has undergone many transformations. Fortress in the Baroque castle was rebuilt as early as in 1674-1676, respectively. And in the nineteenth century (from 1862 to 1885), the Count Otto zu Stolberg-Wernigerode old castle rebuilt into a luxurious castle representative. Surprised me is that before 1929 the family of Count and lived no where else but in the castle.

From his redoubt opened a magnificent view of the Wernigerode. Bird's-eye view.

Admire take a little virtual tour of the castle.

Cabbie's not going away, despite the words of gratitude. Immediately evident, did not read the famous poems of Nekrasov dedicated Russian woman. European shaky now gone, walk through the castle of his almost deadly boring. That is, knowing about the pragmatic German taxi driver and was waiting for his prey back, so even with a mountain home, not go down for nothing. Do not wait and left-handed is not salty. 
As soon as the hulk of the castle ceased to literally hang over his head there are the familiar half-timbered houses in Quedlinburg. 

All nearby. Almost immediately, and the central, Town Hall Square. Past prokolesil bored tourist ... how to name it - Little Engine sostavchik? In general, probably a bus. 

Immediately on the square surprising dignity public toilet. I'm sure - there are no inscriptions in Russian. And where is the hall itself? It is shown in the first, the header image and worthy of that would tell us briefly about it. 
So. The building was originally built as a gambling house, and before he became the town hall, was used for amusement graphs von Wernigerode. The first mention of it relate to 1277. The second floor was a scene in which roving performers demonstrated their noble Counts искусство.Предположительно between 1427 and 1450 gambling house was demolished and its stone cellars built zdanie.V 1494-1498 years under the leadership of Andreas Sprengel on a stone base is being built half-timbered floor. Thomas Hillerboh did the roof, and his son Simon, in the period 1539-1544 complemented the facade. Particular attention is paid to 33 wooden figures that are on the front and sides of the building. However, all this grandeur, completely failed to consider, because it was already practically overnight. But how to know and everything can be ... 
And we step further, according to the ancient streets of Wernigerode. 

In general - amazing sverhuhozhennost, though nothing so much from the shackles of civilization is not evident. This photoshop quite well able to look a hundred years ago. 

Realistically, if we remove the color and work hard not to notice the occasional parked cars, it is difficult to determine much time. Well done the Germans! 

If someone castle and town hall seemed familiar, it should not be painful to look why. Dressed secret knowledge of Wikipedia, I will ease your problem - here, in 1978, starred a famous Soviet film "The Munchhausen. I think now many otlyaglo. 

Meanwhile, streets like that too much suddenly became deserted, shops closed down rapidly, and it all made a certain nerves in the remainder of the walk. I remember even the taxi drivers had disappeared and literally did not ask anyone. And I plunged into the 'Net. Until recently, the train was half an hour and should hurry. 

Night falls my dark veil. Another half an hour ago had seemed so sweet medieval streets, now in blue reflections look different. And this, almost sinister deserted. Not a thriller of course, but again - definitely a nerve. 

I will not scare anyone. Train still delay was not, despite the fact that for ten minutes before his departure became clear that the station is a few other side. Breathless from the rapid spurt and my wife is happy at the last moment just vprygnula on a departing train. Vernigor did not notice the coming depopulation, but about the geraniums we did nothing and did not know - the Germans refused to give out their secrets. Have to go again! 

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