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The Flying Pig Hostel, Amsterdam

Party in Flying Pig Hostels in Amsterdam

Welcome to the Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam

The Flying Pig Youth Hostels in Amsterdam are world famous for its relaxed atmosphere in true Amsterdam style. The Pig bars are the best places in town to have a drink or to celebrate an unforgettable party, meet up with other guests or employees to smoke a joint and relax on our pillow stage. All the essentials are included, breakfast, bed linen, WiFi, wardrobe (bring your own padlock), road maps, guides, free city tours and much more. Our hostels all have a fully equipped kitchen, when you make your own meals can prepare a meal with your new friends and share your so within your budget to keep the travel costs.

The Flying Pig show you the right spirit of Amsterdam - whether you are one of the Flying Pig Youth Hostels Amsterdam or the Flying Pig Beach Hostel in Noordwijk book.

Before you post make sure you online that you like best from the special offers do it that will be offered time, subscribe to the e-zine to be sure that you latest news about Amsterdam before anyone else in your Inbox to find.

Both Amsterdam Flying Pig hostels are located in Stadtzeitrum, in the midst of the most popular leisure activities to which you could ever feel like. Go easy on the recreational and you look fun bars, clubs, shops and museums to everyone who ever wanted to visit you and then follow our simple descriptions of how you get there.

Find out more about all that flying offers Pig, such as special offers, the fact sheet, cuisine, location, pictures, movies, forums, free Stadtflührer and Podscroll downloads, hiking, driving directions directly to the hostels sent to your mobile phone and much more!


If you want to contact us by phone...
TEL : 31 (0)20 - 428 49 34
FAX : 31 (0)20 - 639 23 08

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Contact the hostels

THE FLYING PIG Uptown Hostel
Vossiusstraat 46 1071 AJ Amsterdam - Holland
tel: 31 (20) 400 41 87 (after 8.30 GMT)
e-mail: uptown@flyingpig.nl

THE FLYING PIG Downtown Hostel
Nieuwendijk 100 1012 MR Amsterdam - Holland
tel: 31 (0) 20 420 68 22 (after 8.30 GMT)
e-mail: downtown@flyingpig.nl

Parallel Boulevard 208 2202 HT Noordwijk - Holland
tel: 31 (0)71 362 25 33 (after 8.30 GMT)
fax: 31 (0) 71 362 25 53
e-mail: beachhostel@flyingpig.nl

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