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Taizé in Dutch. Netherlands, Rotterdam

1700 Ukrainian New Year's decided to go far in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There they joined the European meeting of young people in the pilgrimage of trust Taizé community in Rotterdam on earth. Every year thousands of young people gather in various cities of Europe to pray together in the New Year. Although it is already 33 rd meeting of the account, the number of participants is not reduced. This time the pilgrims took the Netherlands.

The meeting took place during a call to find joy in God. To talk about the joy of his brother Alois observation have met over the life of Chilean people, who survived the earthquake this year, a cholera epidemic, accident in the mines. The brothers visited Chile in early December. While in Santiago, they saw, which were consolidated before the scourge of Chileans. Local young people helped those who lost their homes and jobs."It was hard to imagine that the Chileans for this year will bring as much joy and many tests," - writes in "Letter from Chile" Brother Alois.
But most Chileans take this joy and young people gathered, tried to convey to residents of the Netherlands. Province of Holland known as secularized. So many visitors expected the lucky few who live in families, because a sufficient number of pilgrims wanting poopikuvatys simply not there. For a small number of schools had to open the door. But the majority still lived in families.
"When we were preparing for the meeting - says Chris Cross, pastor of the local church. - Then wrote to all churches and schools of the village, so they joined us. Reacted only two churches. Others do not even written refusal. We had a pretty small team. But in recent days come to church a lot of people. They just wanted there to help and not officially recorded volunteers.
Mrs. Evelyn, have three children and told that once went to church with sim'yeyi in a neighboring village near Rotterdam. They heard a proposal to host the youth home, which will come to Taizé. Having consulted with her husband, they agreed to take four at once, regardless of nationality, denominational affiliation, gender. Previously, they had never heard of Taizé.
In the Netherlands 26.6% of the population - Catholics, 16.8% - Protestant (43.4% - Christians in general). However, according to research in 2007 less than 20% attend church regularly, 61% niderlandtsiv not tied to any religion. Almost all churches in Rotterdam and Amsterdam are closed and you can access them only when the Service or as a tourist, buying a ticket.
"Many Dutch citizens no longer believe in God as it was before - says Chris Cross - There are many religious people, but they have different notions about God, or understand the meaning of the living Christ.Some more orthodox, some - more vilnomyslyachyy. But I really like the fact that now the authorities at local, regional and national level are no longer isolated from the Church. They say that religion today - zhyttyevoneobhidna in society and it can help people. "
Obviously, Taizé also contributes to the spiritual development of the Dutch. The fact that almost 30 thousand young people singing every day in local buses in different languages, just turned the Netherlands, there is no doubt.
Meanwhile, brothers from the Taizé community, along with youth already going to visit Moscow. 20-25 April 2011 they will celebrate Holy Week and Easter together with the Russian Orthodox Church. At the end of March in the village of Taizé (France) during the week will be a preparatory meeting wanting to go to Russia.

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