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Migovo. Popular Bukovina Carpathian mountain ski resort

Welcome to "Migovo!

Popular Bukovina Carpathian mountain range offers a winter season 2010-2011 and happy to invite you in healing the mountain to an active winter holiday.

Migovo winter - a real fairy tale. Every year, snow-capped mountains attracts thousands of tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad. You rest comfortably as professional skiers and fans of active recreation in the mountains. At your service:

Ski trails. An efficient and professional work to prepare the ski slopes (every night when the rest skiers, snow cannons replenish the slopes with snow, and skiing ratrak rozryhlyuye formed ice and rammed newly snow) makes it possible to keep snow cover in excellent condition from December to late March. The total length of ski slopes is over 3300 meters.

Excerpts. Technical parameters of the "rope" lifts and passage of "turnstile" using cards like «SKIPAS» enables daily serve more than a thousand skiers at length queue at the turnstiles to 15 minutes.

Modern ice pad. The complex is a modern ice platform support with automatic ice, which can simultaneously comfortable skate over 100 people. The presence of a special mechanism to clean the ice allows them to keep the surface in fine condition throughout the day.

Rentals. To reduce the queues at the ski equipment received at SCC has created 5 rolling points where within minutes you can customize target size shoes, skis or snowboards. Through a comprehensive blackout slopes at SCC organized "night skiing" Fridays and Saturdays, but also on other days at the request of skiers (at least 10 people).

Professional instructors. Ski School at SCC has over 20 first-class instructors who can in a short time "to put on skis or snowboard anyone interested.

Distinguish tourist complex and that it is located between mountains and located only 60 km from the regional center - Chernivtsi.

Benefits equivalent to the ski complex Migovo - These include:

- Compactness, since the average distance between hotels, meals and ski resorts is less than 150 m;

- Safety, because the complex is located close to the regional center (hospital, the ministry, etc.);

- Reasonable prices, as in full time tourist and entertainment complex next to restaurants and fine dining cottages there are "fast" and hotels from economy rooms (hostel), and the price extract such work that morning and evening on cost recovery 50% lower than in the "peak".

Unique natural conditions. Ski Complex Migovo is situated at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level at the foot of the Carpathian peaks and Kichera Stizhok (800 m above sea level). Nearby - Solonets tract, famous for its healing mineral springs. Snow falls here very early and in sufficient quantity to receive visitors from November to March.

Winter Carpathians give you a thrill, give care and positive sea. Being in "Migovo" at least once - you ever fall in love in the mountains!


1. Hotel "Carpathian Star
2. Hotel "Satori"
3. Hotel "Mountain Sunrise"
4. Hotel "Norris"
5. Ski slope length of 1300 m
6. Ski slope length of 1100 m
7. Ski slope length of 600 m
8. Ski slope length of 150 m (for snoutyubu)
9. Ski slope length of 150 m (for children and beginners)
10. Rope lift length 1100 m
11. Rope lift length of 600 m
12. Multilift length of 150 m
13. Multilift length of 150 m
14. Restaurant complex "Getman":
- Restaurant "Hetman"
- Quick-service dining room "quickly"
- Pizzeria "pizza Neopolitanska"
- Candy store
15. Ice Playground / Park summer roles
16. Rentals
16A. Rental point skids and snoutyubiv
17. Casa rope tows
18. Health
19. Playground
20. Rope and park skeledrom
21. Car parking
22. Pavilions
23. Volleyball court
24. Outdoor pool -
25. Administration
26. Pnevmotyr
27. Protection
28. Swimming place
29. Restaurant "Koliba"
30. Hotel "Edelweiss" (not SCC "Migovo)
31. Turnstile

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