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Hotelik Ustrzycki

Hotelik Ustrzycki is nicely decorated resort offering accommodation all year round. Located in a beautiful village surrounded by mountains Ustrzyki Bottom of the most famous in particular the extensive network of ski lifts in the Bieszczady Mountains, two ski stations of which one is the view from the hotel. The building is located on the main street, so it is easy to get to it and no problems with transport in the winter.

In the same building is a grocery store, so we need not stray from headquarters. Hotelik offers you 18 nicely furnished rooms from 1 to 4 persons. Each room has a private bathroom. Rooms are equipped with TV and the Internet. It also offers a kitchenette.

On the ground floor is a dining room and a cozy room with a fireplace where you can spend time in both the long winter evenings, as well as in cold and rainy days.

To your disposal we have 50 beds in 18 rooms. 
You can choose rooms for 1-4 people.Available number of rooms:

     * 2 rooms with one bed
     * 3 rooms for 2 persons
     * 10 rooms 3 persons
     * 3 rooms for 4 persons

and kitchenette

The rooms are equipped with separate bathrooms, TV and the Internet.

You can rent a mountain bike!

45-100 PLN per person
from 35PLN - meals (full board for groups: breakfast + dinner)


     * A nicely decorated room with a fireplace
     * Numerous walking trails around the Transboundary
     * Cross country skiing and summer in the Upper Ustianowa
     * Poland's largest artificial water reservoir Soliński
     * Large and small loop Hinton
     * Scenic Route
     * ZOO Myczkowce
     * Route icons

     * Open-air museum in Sanok
     * Large ski stations "Gromadzyń"and "Laworta"
     * Museum of the Bieszczady National Park
     * The biggest dam in Solina
     * Recreational area with indoor pool "Delfin"
     * Shrine of Our Lady of Bieszczady
     * Ustrzycki Culture
     * Church of the nineteenth century

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