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Home mini hotel, Farmstead Vladimir Zelensky

Home mini hotel, Farmstead Vladimir Zelensky

House surrounded by large fruit and decorative botanical garden-park, where trees grow in 1000 about 100 species: kiwi, zizifus, pomegranate, fig, persimmon, peach. 

Next 10 hectares Muscat "Massandra. 300 meters from the house bay beach with clear water. Meals - Three-time, refined cuisine, home. Sincere hospitality, generosity and caring will make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Odnomistni RoomDvomistni RoomTriple RoomThe owner knows a foreign languagePhoneShowerToilet in houseYou can watch TVYou can use the washing machineYou can park your carYou can stay with childrenYou can eat fruits and vegetables from the gardenMedical aidYou can swimYou can rideMailAdmission year

st. Tongue, 12 Yalta Simeiz-2, SK Dawn of Ukraine, Crimea 
+38 (0654) 23 70 51


Elena (2010 - 12 - 04)
Excellent place for recreation! Pity that I did not more than the smog there, poehat!

Irina (2010 - 03 - 17)
Otdыhaly with a little kid in June, we better mesta obviously not just yet I send all things are great, most importantly (I believe no sea velykolepnoy Nature, a huge garden with cherries, peaches, vynohadom), very few people around, and everyone, that obespechyvayut hosts is necessary! I wish, When this place ostavalos same skazochnыm forever!

Morgan (2008 - 08 - 08)
Great, very cool!

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