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Romania. House with eyes

Romania - the country round about. If you aim at the center of the circle, then about the "apple" would be the town of Sibiu (accent on the second "u") - one of the main cities of Transylvania (if it is principal, then the secondary, apparently the settlement of "the first guy in the village, and in the village one house "). The city is named after him in the second half of 1940, when the new government and its Russian patrons demanded that nothing in the German socialist Romanian land did not ..

In fact, everyone calls the city its present name - Germanshtadt. The city, founded in the XII century, initially to the present day Germany, a large proportion of the population - the Germans, the current mayor, for example, a German. Although they say has long been in Romanian.
From the middle of Romania has undertaken a compact settlement of the Germans, the science is unknown. Especially around that the Germans do not have, and the solid Romanians. The legend states that ... you remember the German legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln (I have my reasons to know about the Pied Piper all)? She has several options. Only the simplest and most primitive ends up with the Pied Piper, before the sound waves in pipes uvedshy Weser gamelnskih all rats, and then just drowned gamelnskih children. In more sophisticated versions of the legend piper led the children, too - the only pure and innocent civilians that remain in mired in sin and hypocrisy of Hameln - Weser in the water, but children have not drowned, but disappeared beneath the waves, have gone underground, and then somewhere far away, on the other side of the mountains, came to the surface to establish a new city without a sin and a lie, and to build their new world by the laws of goodness and beauty. So, according to legend, the place of exit gamelnskih children at the surface and, accordingly, they founded the city should be just somewhere in the territory of modern Romania. Germanshtadttsy consider themselves descendants of the children, which led the Pied Piper of Gamelna.Germanshtadt / Sibiu is located about 230 km from Bucharest. This is a trifling distance bus overcomes for 8 (vose-e-em!!) Hours. That day, that night. The reason - narrow road (one lane there, one back), high freight traffic (all the way - a solid tube of the Fur), streamers in the mountainous part of the path (Transylvanian Alps, the incredible beauty, the road is more dangerous for the hour's journey to meet him two terrible accident - once long-range wagon wheels up in the ditch, the second - the same van, rammed through a roadside shop, like a Hollywood movie). In Sibiu has its own airport, there are airports in the capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, and in several other towns nearby, there planes fly as from Bucharest, and from European cities, such as from Munich, so if someone would meet to go there - by air, by air In no case does not crawl along the ground from Bucharest.
In the first minutes of Sibiu want to shake your head and rubbing your eyes. Because you have seen it many times, and just remember where, and you know that in reality this does not happen. You saw him in his childhood. In books. The whole city - an animated illustration of a fairy tale: colorful houses, each house of gingerbread in whorls on every roof of a weather vane, each vane of gay chimney sweeps. And the roof is not easy, and big-eyed. All the old houses in Sibiu has eyes. Eat them, and they are looking.

These are the eyes.

These attic windows are called - "the eyes of Sibiu. Full Sur. Standing in the square, and she looks at you.

But the main square. In fact, it is very small, but the scale of the city - just a football field. Like everything else in Sibiu, colorful and quick-sighted. Fountains were built in the middle of this year (Sibiu - European Capital kulutrnaya - 2007). Fountains do not beat all the time: then stop, then suddenly bryzzhut with terrible force. Kids love it.

The very center of the city consists of three areas: A large area of ​​Piata Mare (vyshepokazannaya with fountains), Small Square Piata Mica and a third, very tiny with unseemly name Piata Huet, a translation of which has been found. Probably not a good area, something like that. From them in the expenditure side the narrow streets. Sometimes quite narrow. This, incidentally, is not something, but also a full-fledged street:

The city is still in the mountains, and streets diverge at a fairly steep slope. In general, everything is beautiful, but beautiful - too general concept. Many beautiful cities. A Sibiu - the city that is fabulous, cute, and incredibly, as a child-friendly.

That is very German. Which Germanshtadt. Nobody remembers who exactly was thethe founder of the of the city ,so just in case,at each corner stands a statue of a conditional Herman growth in various guises - German priest ,nobleman Hermann , Hermann -brewer( differentnonweak belly ),Herman ,baker ,Hermann someone-there-yet.

And this bridge above the street called the Bridge of liars. The name refers to two competing legends. On the first, on the bridge lovers swear each other eternal love, promised to marry, be faithful to the grave and all the pay to the penny to bring home. Well ... called Bridge Bridge liars shorter. According to the second legend, on the contrary, if someone on the bridge lie, the bridge will collapse. Judging by the fact that the bridge is currently and Rukh is not going to legitimately did the first version.

On rising above the distant tower of the Catholic church can rise and survey the neighborhood. Want to rise meets here this poster:

It is forbidden to all that is possible and impossible. In particular, it is forbidden to push each other on the tower, yelling out the windows and ring the bell.

(It was just about to ring the bells).
In general, to prohibit the signs of the Romanians some special treatment. For example, like this sign, worthy to become the emblem of community ru_childfree, vsegolish mean the end of the pedestrian zone:

And what an end to all living here means this sign, I'm afraid to even imagine.

So, returning to the cathedral - it is beautiful. Beautiful from the outside

By the way, for all his Catholicism, a service in the cathedral is not in Latin, and the three local languages: German, Romanian and Hungarian. By the conviction of a priest, a novelty act as much in 1982.
What else? In Sibiu there are other churches with towers.

and other beautiful narrow streets.

As a bonus, our hidden camera captured the local Roma Mafia, which, Kusturica, has a large black hat, so it can be easily distinguished from any other mafia.

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