четверг, 31 марта 2011 г.

Taizé in Dutch. Netherlands, Rotterdam

1700 Ukrainian New Year's decided to go far in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There they joined the European meeting of young people in the pilgrimage of trust Taizé community in Rotterdam on earth. Every year thousands of young people gather in various cities of Europe to pray together in the New Year. Although it is already 33 rd meeting of the account, the number of participants is not reduced. This time the pilgrims took the Netherlands.

вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

Truskavets - Ukrainian Karlovy Vary

Truskavets - Ukrainian Karlovy Vary?Today, a story about Truskavets city in general is very well known, but if suddenly you are interested, then here we go:) The main thing for what they come here - it certainly did not look at the sights, and drink mineral water, but about her I will not tell, and so the information is sufficient. Let me just say only that the fabled "rotten" smell "Naftusya" absolutely nothing wrong there, you can drink, and even almost delicious:)

четверг, 24 марта 2011 г.

Cottage Kalinka, Ukraine, The Dnister river

House Kalina invites to rest in a beautiful picturesque village of Falcon, which is located on the left bank of the Dniester River, 10 km from the path Kamenets Podolsky-Chernivtsi. Distance from district center and train station Kamenets Podolsky 25 km.
A perfect mirror of the Dniester, fertile land and unique climate has long attracted settlers from ancient times.
Falcon first mentioned in historical documents 1406r. Near the village stands revealed several middle and late Paleolithic period, remains of settlements Tripoli culture of Scythian and ancient times.

Ukraine Carpathians. Hotel "Bayka"

Who at least once attended a summer camp of "Fable" in Kosovo , must come here on holiday again and again: and not himself, and with their friends, relatives and neighbors! Thanks "fable" is a fantastic world beautiful reality.
Is "Bike" paradisiacal place in the Ukrainian Carpathians unique among the blue mountains near the rapid river with many waterfalls near the spruce and healing forest. This place not only impossible to find in Hutsul'shchyna, whether in Ukraine, but in any other part of the world. Is not spoke about it enthusiastically and gifted Ukrainian writer bandurist Slobozhanshchina Khotkevych Gnat: "... As I rozzyavyv mouth of surprise, arriving in ethnographical thus with open-mouthed and walked six years.

Carpathian Spa "Dawn". Ukraine, Kosiv

Kosovo sanatorium "Carpathians stars" has 25 years experience in tourism. Geography receiving tourists from Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia.

The sanatorium is provided for all lovers of summer and winter holidays. Given the long experience of receiving tourists at the resort much attention is paid to families.

вторник, 22 марта 2011 г.

On a visit to Zeus. Greece,

Always wanted to visit the birthplace of the ancient Greek gods, and now my dream has come true. Last summer, my mother and sister decided to go to Greece. Well, we decided it loudly, it seems, for all of us mom's friend decided to travel agent and we had only to pay expenses and collect the bags.
I believe that my mother's friend wished us the best, when advised us to stay at the hotel Aldemar Royal Mare 5 , but in my opinion, she is she never rested. If, however, and rested, then looks at the five-star rest of us it is different. On the one hand, I can understand it, since hotels are Aldemar are among the best on the Greek island of Crete, but nevertheless it is definitely not 5 *. In general, the hotel is, of course, is good. A large green area, lots of pools, hearty cuisine and English speaking staff. Not the whole truth, but there is.

Travel to German land. Wernigerode

Three-hour journey from Berlin behind and now covered with legends Garntsa foothills and a small Saxon town of Wernigerode. It is tempting to ride on the castle hill on an old sostavchike that puffing and blowing the smoke pulls a vsamdelishny locomotive. And the castle itself and the views of the valley in which lies the town - say, too memorable spectacle. And yet - how is it that the unofficial symbol of Wernigerode is not something from zde these beauties, but ... Common geranium. All this is to learn.

воскресенье, 20 марта 2011 г.

Austria, Vienna. Most musical city in Europe

Vienna is known for its famous composers: Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Mahler, Schubert, Strauss whole family ... Therefore, to come here and beat them on all sides we could not, so we would not have happened: after all, anything related to music, waiting for us in Vienna, at every step.
Of course, first of all, it was the Opera. Alas, we had to see her only from the outside (the building itself, which give the opera in Vienna is named the same). As if we did not want, but visit her we could not because of Danny. And examined only superficially.

All Romania at your feet

Southern neighbor, is attracting more attention to the Ukrainian tourists.
Romania - a country for tourism: rich history, interesting culture, charming nature and hospitable people. Here there are long beaches of the Black Sea and the picturesque Carpathian mountains, and the unique delta of the Danube ... Furthermore, Romania - very close.
Undeniable wealth of the country - many unique resorts, especially the spa (as Romania has about one third of all mineral and thermal waters of Europe!). The most popular "drinking" resort - Covasna, Bailey-Felix, Market, Vatra Dornei, Ken Slenik, Sovata, DUREIL. At a resort Eforie Nord treated with mud baths in the lake Techirghiol. Many seaside resorts - Constanta, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie-court Techirghiol, Mangalia, Olympus, Neptune, Jupiter, Aurora, Venus, Costinesti.

Romania. House with eyes

Romania - the country round about. If you aim at the center of the circle, then about the "apple" would be the town of Sibiu (accent on the second "u") - one of the main cities of Transylvania (if it is principal, then the secondary, apparently the settlement of "the first guy in the village, and in the village one house "). The city is named after him in the second half of 1940, when the new government and its Russian patrons demanded that nothing in the German socialist Romanian land did not ..

среда, 16 марта 2011 г.

The Flying Pig Hostel, Amsterdam

Party in Flying Pig Hostels in Amsterdam

Welcome to the Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam

The Flying Pig Youth Hostels in Amsterdam are world famous for its relaxed atmosphere in true Amsterdam style. The Pig bars are the best places in town to have a drink or to celebrate an unforgettable party, meet up with other guests or employees to smoke a joint and relax on our pillow stage. All the essentials are included, breakfast, bed linen, WiFi, wardrobe (bring your own padlock), road maps, guides, free city tours and much more. Our hostels all have a fully equipped kitchen, when you make your own meals can prepare a meal with your new friends and share your so within your budget to keep the travel costs.

Hotel Aron, Czech Republic, Prague

zavřít okno
Aron Hotel is situated in a quiet residential area of ​​Prague 3 close to the center. The center is very well and quickly reachable by tram or bus. The historic city of Prague is 25 minutes walk from the hotel. Hotel Aron offers 49 quiet rooms, helpful and friendly hotel staff will take care of you, that with us you will feel like home.

Hotel Olshanka, Czech Republic, Prague

Picture 1
Congress & Sport Hotel Olsanka lies at the heart of Prague, in the district called Žižkov, from which you have in just nine minutes in the historical center of Prague. Excellent transport accessibility by public transport at any time, day or night, and a rich range of services make the hotel Olsanka one of the most popular hotels in Prague, including both individual and business guests.

вторник, 15 марта 2011 г.

SANI VILLAS, Bulgaria, Kosharitsa

Type: Forks of the sea
Populated place: Kosharitsa
Razstoyanie to sea: 1500 m
Kapatsitet (max): 6 people
Price: from € 9.66 per person

Offer description

Location: Forks Kosharitsa is comprised of four resort village (Almond Hills, Montemar Forks, Sani Vila, Hill Top), which are in the Vilna area of Kosharitsa. Thanks to the comfort, Interior houses and authentic architecture, your summer family vacation turned into a memorable one.

PITCHFORK "JAN", Bulgaria, Varna

Type: Forks of the sea
Populated place: Varna
Razstoyanie to sea: 3000 m.
Kapatsitet (max): 28 persons
Price: from € 6.33 per person

понедельник, 14 марта 2011 г.

SAOL Hotel "Krynica", Poland

SAOL Hotel is located in the Centre of Krynica Zdrój in slash from the pedestrian area krynickiego, complex pijalni and sal treatment rooms (disembark directly opposite the hotel deptak).

Villa Crocus, family hotel in Romania, Brasov

You want to relax from the noise and pace of the city or prefer a dynamic sports leisure, or perhaps would just like to admire the stunning scenery, breathing in the crystal mountain air, or touch the legendary monument of history - then you'll love us!

Comfortable hotel Crocus - the perfect choice for travelers guests and extended-stay. Come with family, friends, business partners - the place and excitement enough for all! You will be pleasantly surprised comfort and home attitude that pervades everything here. Qualified friendly staff always at your service.

Dorina House, home mini hotel - Romania

Dorina House, home mini hotel - Romania

Capacity: 16 seats

Dorina House has 16 locations in 6 double rooms and 1 suite with two bathrooms and a dining room. House on the first floor has a lounge with bar and fireplace.

Home mini hotel, Farmstead Vladimir Zelensky

Home mini hotel, Farmstead Vladimir Zelensky

House surrounded by large fruit and decorative botanical garden-park, where trees grow in 1000 about 100 species: kiwi, zizifus, pomegranate, fig, persimmon, peach. 

Next 10 hectares Muscat "Massandra. 300 meters from the house bay beach with clear water. Meals - Three-time, refined cuisine, home. Sincere hospitality, generosity and caring will make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Odnomistni RoomDvomistni RoomTriple RoomThe owner knows a foreign languagePhoneShowerToilet in houseYou can watch TVYou can use the washing machineYou can park your carYou can stay with childrenYou can eat fruits and vegetables from the gardenMedical aidYou can swimYou can rideMailAdmission year

Family nest, village Kanava, Vinitsa region

"Family nest" - a network of estates, situated in a beautiful corner of Ukrainian nature, in accordance with ancient traditions and European level of service at reasonable prices.

Our motto: "Know yourself - know the world."  

Village ditch, formed in the 15 century, which is an old bruschataya road 200 years ago (in perfect condition). Do not be surprised if you run out towards the wild animals ... Slow down. And here you are in the famous village.

воскресенье, 13 марта 2011 г.

Hotelik Ustrzycki

Hotelik Ustrzycki is nicely decorated resort offering accommodation all year round. Located in a beautiful village surrounded by mountains Ustrzyki Bottom of the most famous in particular the extensive network of ski lifts in the Bieszczady Mountains, two ski stations of which one is the view from the hotel. The building is located on the main street, so it is easy to get to it and no problems with transport in the winter.

Hotel "Carpathian Star

Three wooden hotel building built in the Carpathian style, elements of which are present in interior design.  Distance from the ski lifts, ice area and restaurant complex is no more than 100 m.Class rooms: standard, junior suite, family suite, apartments. 

Hotel "Satori"

The hotel is on the second floor of the administrative Corps of the SCC "Mygovo". Distance to ski lifts, playground and restaurant complex of the ice is no more than 150 m.

Class room: Junior Suite (living room and sleeping-room).

The number of beds: two main and two additional
The rooms adjacent or separated by doors.
In rooms with separated rooms, one double bed (in the bedroom), and two arm-chairs (extra bed), two bedside tables, a coffee table, refrigerator, TV (cable television), a wardrobe room with dryer for bots.

Migovo. Popular Bukovina Carpathian mountain ski resort

Welcome to "Migovo!

Popular Bukovina Carpathian mountain range offers a winter season 2010-2011 and happy to invite you in healing the mountain to an active winter holiday.

Migovo winter - a real fairy tale. Every year, snow-capped mountains attracts thousands of tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad. You rest comfortably as professional skiers and fans of active recreation in the mountains. At your service:

Ski trails. An efficient and professional work to prepare the ski slopes (every night when the rest skiers, snow cannons replenish the slopes with snow, and skiing ratrak rozryhlyuye formed ice and rammed newly snow) makes it possible to keep snow cover in excellent condition from December to late March. The total length of ski slopes is over 3300 meters.