среда, 11 мая 2011 г.

Kelly In Singapore !

Nerveous ... Very nurveous. Since this is our first time traveling with Kelly. So nerveous it until there is a kind of 'simulation of traveling' to Bandung ... Knp be so nerveous? 1) because kelly has not been traveling much less far 2) Kelly was afraid to ride the elevator, can pale face just by hearing the word elevator (gmn kalo The hotel later on the 12th floor? Can gempor gendongin up the stairs 3) Kelly beraknya (super) hard. If another wanted pup, can carry all day as he would ask mewek want mewek. Kalo pupnya certainly cry out for hard: (
4) Kelly scared up something goyang2, for example: increased walking animal / train imaginable at the mall the mall, even the car ride she never cried flyover by reason of his car goyang2. Speeding daddy little less smooth via road, immediately said: "Papa Do not speeding dong, slowly wrote", he was furious. Well, if so already, think about what his reaction if a plane? : (

Thus, we scheduled our activities a few months before leaving with a-kalo hal2 eliminate concerns guns above-at least reduced.
No less than serious treatment to the pediatrician and digestive problems to defecate, mengencourage he pooped in closet, temenin sering2 take the elevator (initially with the existing lift the glass, so he guns feel stuck in the elevator), until he ascended temenin walking animal, which usually in the push / mbak officers kept the same, we ask we wrote (Papa Mama Kelly) is so 'si mbak guards' alias yg tu nyetirin walking doggy / tiger / lion dance: p restrain embarrassed deh diliatin throughout the mall: p
Simulation of 'travel' we had to stay in Bandung lakoni.

But the basis of Kelly's clever child, just a moment before approaching the day of departure, all worries began to fade:)
1) Take the elevator guns scared anymore even cried, at the mall, at any hospital in which there is an elevator, the elevator must ask, if guns do not want to go home
2) Pup was in the closet. This result we puji2 him if you want to sit in the closet. He is also proud of this was possible pup in closet until the story to everyone: Kelly was smart o'ok in closet: p
3) If the same are still afraid of rocking rocking, despite reduced
4) Provide a variety of toys and food on the plane child
5) We (feel) prepared to go to Singapore! :)