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Indonesia. One Breakfast And A Lunch In Medan

Just a short (too short ... Actually!) Visit to Medan. Arrived with a very first flight at 8 in the morning ... the sun was greeted warmly and the weather is sunny, the duck noodles bid for breakfast I had no power to reject ... And already breakfast on the plane: p 

Duck rice noodles ... ah .. The opening "guerrilla culinary" which really fits ... remember this is indeed food duck rice noodles typical Chinatown Medan, "did a lot of duck rice noodles in Jakarta or elsewhere, but the guns the same as the one in Medan, good taste and his kelejatan" described by friends work together in Medan that accompany that morning. 

Was escorted us to the area Kesawan. Kesawan Square, on my last visit, still a "localization culinary" very, very famous ... Now, is "turned off" and replaced by the Freedom Walk, which I think is not authentic, not "Medan". Unlike a traditional Kesawan Square, is a bit grubby, and more natural. Moreover, there are elements of culture and history, for example by the existence of the house "Tjong A Fie", one of the elders of that city of Medan, which house hundreds of years old but well maintained tetep. 

Back to vermicelli duck: p is a typical food Medan is simple: boiled rice noodles, with pieces of duck and a sprinkling of green onion. As simple as that. But his scent ... wuihhh ... very fragrant ... We ate at one shop that was very simple table arrangement leads sembrawut. The place is crowded, many people in there guns only ate duck rice noodles, they also "cheep coffee" while chatting, or alone reading a newspaper. 

Duck pieces big enough and generous ... Unfortunately, the somewhat "chopped" meat ... may be absorbed into the boiling broth. The logical consequence: the incredible aroma of gravy ... duck broth is very thick, fragrant, and tasty: _) If you like, can sprinkle fried garlic into the sauce, making it more stable because there is crunchy-crisp on each steeping broth kaldunya ... (Ngenceeesss dah ...) 

While there, try barley juice drinks packaged in bottles Frestea. Seeds of barley is one kind of nuts that one of its uses is to be used in the brewing process. Koreans love to make a variety of cuisines from barley seeds, in the form of gravy-kuahan and also there is pie from barley seeds. Well, in Medan, probably the Dutch colonial built in earlier times, a home industry, many rumah2 in Medan that produces this barley juice drinks. It felt fresh, a little bit like soy milk but there is more mild and fresh aroma. Appearance is almost the same as soy milk, it's just more clear. 

Continue to story Lunch: _) this is not exactly a new story. Prior to this visit, I had 2 meals in this restaurant, making it the third time. But if I get bored? Not AT ALL! 

Ondo, Grill, located at Jalan Batak Weaving Factory. First introduced by teman2 still in office a long time. Since then, if the field is always ringing ringing, including a visit in 2008 the same family, also had time to stop by here. 

Batak cuisine here all. Saksang, Arsik, Pig Roast, pulos pulos, Riki Riki, fried ribs, you name it! Drink are also typical of Medan, eggplant variety dutch and passion fruit. 

Among all, who must surely saksang. Maybe guns all people interested to try after hearing this (or even interested in really?): Saksang is cooking pork with a sauce prepared from pig's blood. Interested? Yes for me. Bangka people used to eat pig blood stew hardened and then mixed in the porridge. Pig blood porridge is one of my favorites when I was inexperienced in the village: _) 

Although it sounds a bit horrified (because of carry blood taken), it feels very good, tasty. A must if longer exists in Medan. 

More unique and very distinctive Medan is Pulos Pulos and Leaf Sweet Mash. 2 Type the vegetables are very typical of Medan. The first is to saute papaya flower, similar to those usually found in Manado cuisine. It's a bit bitter, but fresh. The second (mashed sweet potato leaves) is finely ground sweet leaves and coconut milk in cooking. Similar to those commonly found in restaurants Bangka (Bangka salad - lan su jap ho), who also cassava leaves to cook coconut milk, it's just this finely ground. Fresh, it also must try! 

Which is not so typical of Medan, but that must also was fried pork. Fried or fried pork ribs, 2-2nya mandatory. Nice, very crisp. It can be found in any field of RM in Muara Karang, but there's nothing wrong here also booked because it was delicious ... : _) 

To drink, the message is a typical field: Eggplant Netherlands and passionfruit. Can also campur2, for example Soursop and Eggplant Holland (they call it Medeka juice because of the color white (soursop) and eggplant under dutch (red) above. Want a fresh? There Cucumber juice (simply cucumber and sugar water) or mustard Pineapple juice, fresh, healthy: _) 

Although Batak Grill, his owner is not surprisingly the Batak (Indonesian people are not even!). He was born in Korea who marry women Medan Peranakan Chinese. He and his wife in the kitchen with a menu to create a new menu (usually if there is a new menu, was given free samples, such as vegetables Ondo that day that were given for free - but less tasty). He himself was also sitting behind the cash register, greet customers satisfied customers and divide the chewing gum: _) 

Ngomong2 about Korea. When you have finished dining, dish out a special tea is only in this place. The form of spicy-scented herbs such as ginger. It felt weird. Mending that I still drink my guns, because destroying all sense of feeling that has been eaten before. Real, No Kidding. 

Return, do not forget the souvenirs from Medan. Which I noted as A must have 3, especially for first-timers to Medan yes: Bolu Meranti, Bika Ambon and Teri Medan. But because of time constraints, I only had time to bring Bika Ambon. 

Well, bika ambon also bika ambon any guns. I purposely call the brand guns when I asked for is delivered to the store bika Ambon. It turned out "ATI" recommed temen2 same as before and also my own preference. In an alley that (almost) everything is a manufacturer and seller bika Ambon, ATI shop there at the very end. Seloyang price 50K. Legit, savory and delicious! : _) 

Pursuing 6:20 flight in the afternoon, had more guns guerilla culinary evening. However, One Breakfast Lunch and A + bika ambon suffices to Represent the culinary field that day: _)

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